Health clubs that are open 24 hours a day are becoming a common format around the country.  While these clubs provide more accessibility to members, the format also creates unique risks that must be addressed.

As with any health club, members should be required to sign a waiver of liability in which they assume the inherent risks of using the facility.  This is especially true in 24 hour clubs.  The contract must specifically state that the person may be working out in an unsupervised area and is solely responsible for using the provided safety apparatus to summon outside help in the event they are injured.

Emergency devices such as a panic button and/or panic necklaces should be readily available

throughout the club so an injured person or person who witnesses an incident can quickly summon outside help.  Panic buttons and necklaces must be tested monthly to ensure functionality.  The size and layout of a club will determine how many panic buttons should be installed.

Digital surveillance cameras should be used by administrators to be able to periodically scan club areas to ensure that no one has been injured to the point of not being able to summon outside help.


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