An Incident is an event or occurrence that happened on the organization’s property that could involve personal injury or property damage.  Incidents can range from someone falling off a treadmill to someone going into Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Once a situation is resolved the incident must be documented in the event there is an insurance claim or a lawsuit against your organization.  To do this you must fill out an incident report.

Incident reports are a means for documenting circumstances that caused the incident and what procedures were taken by staff members to correct the situation.

For legal reasons, it is vital that an incident report be completed by staff members any time they are present at or summoned to the scene of an incident. 

Additionally, incident reports will help staff investigate the cause of the incident, and reduce the chance of it happening again

The following procedures should be followed when filling out an incident report!

  1. NEVER admit or assume that the organization is “responsible” when an incident occurs.  The insurance company will determine any negligence.  The organization’s responsibility is to make sure the injured party receives the medical attention needed, if necessary, and then to report the facts about the incident.

  2. The first staff member at the scene of the incident should fill out an incident report with the assistance of the manager-on-duty.

  3. Any witnesses at the scene of the incident should be asked to fill out a witness report.

  4. The manager-on-duty should get a copy of any ambulance, fire, and/or police reports as soon as possible.

  5. A file should be started that will contain copies of all reports and statements.

  6. If the incident is serious then copies of all reports should be sent to the organization's insurance carrier and attorney.


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