Warning signs are extremely effective but underutilized safety component in health clubs.  Warning signs serve to constantly remind members and guests that the activities they participate in may cause injury and that they are assuming the risk.  Signs should address the following guidelines:



  • Signs should be posted no higher than 5'’ - 7’' off the ground to ensure that they will be easily viewed.

  • Signs should consist of large print with colorful accents to increase visibility to clients.  Signs should not be created using colors that will make them blend in with wall colors.

  • Small, single rule signs should be at least 12”" x 12"” in size to ensure maximum visibility.  Sign size should be based on the size of the area where it is located.  Open areas such as free weight areas should have larger signs (18”" x 24") placed in them to ensure maximum visibility.

  • Signs for specific areas such as saunas, racquetball courts, etc. should be placed on doors leading to the area and in the area itself.



  • Signs should address the following topics:

  • Safety standards and guidelines

  • Health club protocol (Dress code, language, etc.)

  • Rules addressing equipment use (Time limits, etc.)

Facility Rules

Spotter Sign

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