The primary risk involved with the spa area is HEAT, or too much of it.  For this reason, steps must be taken to reduce the risk of heat-related incidents.  Clients should be provided with guidelines and tools to help keep them safe.  One way of doing this is to place warning signs at the entrance to each area.  The signs should be professional quality signs that are colorful and easy to read.

Time Limits

Too much time in spa areas is also a factor that leads to heat-related incidents.  Since most clients probably don't wear a watch into the sauna, steam or Jacuzzi, management should place a clock in each area.  This will give clients the opportunity to monitor their time in the area.  Since many steam rooms have a timer switch, management should place a sign beside the timer instructing clients not to use the room for more than one timed cycle for their own safety.


Management must adhere to industry standards for maximum safe temperatures allowed for each respective area.  Thermometers must be placed in each area so staff members can periodically check temperatures for compliance.  Thermometers also allow clients to monitor heat levels.  Temperature controls should not be accessible by clients.


Sauna:  160 to 170 degrees F

Steam Room:  100-110 degrees F

Whirlpool/Jacuzzi:  102-105 degrees F


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