It is management's responsibility to inform tanning clients of the risks inherent with tanning bed use.  Additionally, management must make eye protection available to clients.  By providing the client with eye protection, the club has met its duty of care.



Before being allowed to use tanning facilities, all clients must sign a waiver of liability that clearly states the dangers inherent with tanning and includes a statement that indemnifies the club of any wrongdoing.  The waiver must be a stand-alone document that is separate from the club membership waiver, as the risks of tanning are independent of risks inherent with exercise.  You can view a sample tanning waiver card in the Documentation section under "Samples".



Management has a duty of care to provide eye protection, either free or for sale, to its tanning clients.  Management should not let any client enter the tanning rooms without eye protection.  If the client enters the room and chooses not to use eye protection then management is not responsible for the client's actions.



In addition to having clients sign a tanning waiver and requiring them to use eye protection, management must use signs to warn clients of the dangers inherent with tanning.  Most tanning beds come with decals on them that have warnings, however, management should place additional warning signs in the area surrounding the tanning bed/booth.

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